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Manufactured from various Alloyed Steel. Our Valve Seat Inserts are resistant to high wear at a high temperature. Used in Alloy Aluminium & Cast Iron Cylinder Heads they serve well to extend the life of Valve Seats. They are manufactured maintaining closest dimensional tolerances thereby assuring longer life to an engine giving maximum efficiency and uninterrupted performance.

We have the industry's most comprehensive archive of valve seats inserts and proven test result data. This resource, and our advanced testing and concurrent engineering allow us to work with your personnel to test materials and quickly solve specific heat, wear or corrosion application problems. We reduce your engine development cycle time, helps you find affordable alternatives to high-cost materials and can give you the assurance that you have found the right long-term solution provider.

Valve Seat Insert

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Cast Valve Seat Inserts.

While studying Valve Seat Inserts technically and mechanically we understand the aspects of Service Life of inserts. Working closely with our customers it is our duty to suggest which type of alloys is to be used in manufacturing of Valve Seat Inserts so as to ensure the durability and cost effectiveness of the valve seat inserts.

We are equipped with full in house capability of Mixing of Alloys, Casting, Spectrometer for Evaluation of Material and Degree Machine to attain the maximum accuracy in the degree of the Valve Seat Inserts.

Production Capacity 1.2 million pieces per annum
Size Range (In mm) -
Bore Diameter 46.00 to 222.25
Total Length 150.00 to 330
Finishes Semi-finished & Fully-finished
Chemical Composition ( Name ) Minimum Maximum
Chromium 0.25 0.50
Carbon 3.00 3.50
Silicon 2.00 2.50
Manganese 0.50 0.80
Phosphorus 0.30 0.50
Sulphur - 0.05

Inspection & Quality Program

O.D. Roundness :

The roundness of the outside diameter should be held to 0.013mm maximum

O. D. to Bottom Face Perpendicularity :

This specification should be held to 0.002mm per mm of width

Seat Surface Gauge Height :

The gauge height tolerance for the seat surface is typically 0.04mm

Seat Surface Finish :

A finish specification of 0.8 Ra is typical of many manufacturers

Seat Surface Run-out to Bottom Face & OD :

Run-out of the seat to bottom face/O D is maintained to 0.04mm maximum


We manufacture valve seat insert for following different applications.

  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Light Dhuty Vehicles
  • Tractors & Farm Equipment
  • Passenger Cars
  • Two & Three Wheelers
  • Stationary Diesel Engines
  • Marine Engines
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
  • Earth Moving Equipment