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piston ring manufacturers


piston ring manufacturers
Power Industries is a recognized name among Piston Ring Manufacturers & Suppliers in the Automotive Industry for supplying high quality Piston rings. Our piston rings have proven their capability by providing efficient combustion and reduce oil consumption in the engines.

A piston ring is a ring on a piston that seals the gap between the the cylinder wall and piston. Our piston rings that are made of cast iron alloy or a high strength steel material which is reinforced with tin, copper or chrome.

The rings should be capable enough to withstand temperatures of upto 300 degree Celsius inside combustion engine and facilitate heat dissipation. Our Piston rings are made to help in heat dissipation, seal the combustion gases for improved engine power and providing better fuel efficiency.

We manufacture the wide range of piston rings, Through the use of advanced development of materials and metal matrix technologies, we have made the existence of our modern Piston Rings possible.

Piston Rings

Power Industries is consistently growing new ring structures, new coatings and offers ideal cylinder ring pack for motors. As rotational speed, weight and temperature keeps on rising, cylinder rings tend to consistently expanding the heap. Ideas for more prominent break obstruction, better fixing, lower wear, and contact are popular.

Cylinder rings likewise increment the contact power and used to keep up the nearby seal. It is significant that cylinder rings skim uninhibitedly into scores inside the cylinder so they can remain in consistent contact with the cylinder.

There are three essential goals that cylinder rings that they have to accomplish contingent upon their situation on the cylinder. The main ring or essential ring additionally called as the pressure ring helps with keeping the gas from spilling out during the ignition procedure. The subsequent ring or optional ring helps the essential ring in keeping the weight flawless. The third ring otherwise called oil rings helps with keeping the motor cool by disseminating the oil around it. Every one of these three rings needs to cooperate ideally to give the joined practically and great yield.

Piston Rings Manufacturing

piston ring manufacturers

We Offer :

  • Plain Compression Rings
  • Scrapper / Napier Rings
  • Slotted Oil Rings
  • Taper Faced Rings
  • Full / Half Keystone Rings
  • Step Cut Rings
  • Slant Cut Rings
  • Lock Types Rings
  • Steel Oil Rings
  • Bimetal Rings


We manufacture of Piston Rings it is used for

  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Light Dhuty Vehicles
  • Tractors & Farm Equipment
  • Passenger Cars
  • Two & Three Wheelers
  • Stationary Diesel Engines
  • Marine Engines
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
  • Earth Moving Equipment