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Power Industries India has been structuring and producing premium and high perfomance motor valve guides for vehicles for over 5 decades. We are perceived as a world's leading manufacturer of motor parts. We utilize Gray cast iron amalgam with high phosphorous substance to make our valves and that gives our valves high perseverance and resistance even under inadequately greased up conditions.

We are a trusted name amongst engine experts and engineers all over the world and are one of the leading Engine Valve Guides Suppliers in India and across the Globe.

engine valve guide exporter and manufacturer

At Power Industries our specialists guarantee that the completed items are decisively fabricated and consent to the exact measurements on the inward bore, to guarantee that it's an ideal swap for the first part. The fundamental capacity of the Valve guide is to lead the warmth out of the fumes valve onto the chamber head where it is dispersed by the cooling arrangement of the vehicle. The Engine valve aides are fundamental to a motor's appropriate presentation.

Engine Valve Guides Manufacturers

A Valve Guide is round part of metal that has to absorb the transverse forces which affect the valve stem.

The valve guide centers the valve on the valve seat insert and transmits a proportion of the heat from the valve head, through the valve stem to the cylinder head.

The void between inner diameter of the valve guide and the outer diameter of the valve stem is vital for the excellent performance of the engine. If its unbalanced then the valve may not seat properly and extra oil consumption can occur and overtime will deform.

The Valve Guide manufactured by us has a microstructure of Pearlitic grid with 5% greatest free ferrite 5% most extreme free carbides and 10% greatest steatite in cell or intermittent structure and Valve Guide has Hardness of 210-260 BHNRANGE OF VALVE GUIDES.

The range of the motor which we incorporate are bikes, four-wheelers Trucks, Busses, Marine Engine, Earthmoving Engines, Tractors, Generator, Excavation Engines, Industrial Engines, stationary motors. The material of the Valve Guide we rely upon the sort of Engine and the speed and the exertion of the motor.

We undertake new development of Valve Guide as per buyer's drawing/specification.


valve guide manufacturer & exporter

A Valve Guide is a cylindrical piece of metal, pressed or integrally cast into the cylinder head, with the valve reciprocating inside it.

Guides also serve to conduct heat from the combustion process out from the exhaust valve and into the cylinder head where it is taken up by the cooling system.

The hollow between the inner Diameter of the valve guide and the outer diameter of the valve stem is important for the good performance of the engine.


• Grey Cast Iron
• Bronze alloy (CuZnAI)

Dimension Range (in mm)
Inner Diameter 4.00 TO 28.00 MM
Outer Diameter 10.00 TO 30.00 MM
Total Length 5.00 TO 200.00 MM


  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Light Dhuty Vehicles
  • Tractors & Farm Equipment
  • Passenger Cars
  • Two & Three Wheelers
  • Stationary Diesel Engines
  • Marine Engines
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
  • Earth Moving Equipment